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Women and Beer: A Love Story

In this blog, Birra Biss – leading providers of beer in Malta – takes a look at the complex relationship between beer and women.   Society at large tends to associate beer as the drink of choice for men, an image that’s helped largely by fictional characters such as Homer Simpson and Barney Gumble. However, recent […]

Oktoberfest Facts

7 Crazy Oktoberfest Facts

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s that time of year beer lovers around the world have been waiting for: Bavaria’s annual Oktoberfest! Which is why there’s no better time than now for our team at Birra Biss – leading alcohol distributors in Malta – to bring you some fun facts about the most famous […]


Starkbierfest: A Local Secret No More

There’s a plethora of festivals and events that celebrate beer worldwide, so no matter whether you’re looking for another reason to travel or try beer in different settings, you won’t be hard pressed to find one. As an experienced thirst quencher and alcohol distributor in Malta, we at Birra Biss appreciate how Munich is constantly […]

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Best Oktoberfest Songs of All Time

You’ve got the beer, you’ve got the food, you’ve even got the lederhosen… so what’s missing? Music, of course! There’s no way you can get a proper party or Oktoberfest going without some catchy tunes in the background, spicing up the atmosphere and getting everyone into the spirit. We all know that the more people […]

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Why The World Loves Paulaner Weissbier

The ideal companion to a day at the beach or cheering on your favourite football team, Paulaner Weissbier is appreciated by beer connoisseurs the world over for its unique aroma and mix of different aromas and flavours. Incomparable in taste and the product of several efforts by brewmasters throughout different generations, Paulaner has remained a […]

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Ale Yeah! Top 4 Beer Moments In Film

They say that art imitates life, and nothing proves that more than some of your favourite movie characters breaking open a bottle of their favourite brew in celebration, relaxation or just to heighten the mood of any scene. Our team at Birra Biss, a leading alcohol distributor in Malta, have compiled a list of the […]