What’s even better than a refreshing, ice cold glass of cyder during a hot summer afternoon or evening? A delicious plate of food to pair it with, of course! Whether you’re out at a bar or at home playing host, it’s good to know just what to pair your favourite drink with. Our team at Birra Biss – top providers of both cyder and beer in Malta – have gathered a few serving suggestion ideas below.


Aspall: Draught Cyder

Perfect for those sweltering Maltese heatwaves, this cyder quenches thirst in an instant, leaving a fruity and lip-smacking taste on your tongue. Made from a bittersweet apple variety, it’s best paired with balti and bhuna mild curries, chicken with tomato and sweet red peppers and Bramley apple pie. In the mood for Chinese? No problem – sweet & sour pork is a great serving suggestion too.


Aspall: Organic Cyder

Rustic, earthy and somewhat chewy, this brew of cyder is slightly acidic in taste, with a full and generous aroma of red apples. Serve it alongside a good old plate of spaghetti Bolognese or even vegetable lasagna. If you’re craving something more British rather than Italian, go for some sausages and mash for a truly satisfying combination.


Aspall: Isabel’s Berry

Love that fresh taste of early summer fruit? Then the flavours of this cyder are berry-well suited to your tastebuds. With a lingering aftertaste of raspberry and redcurrant, this sweet and slightly acidic brew is certainly hard to resist. It goes extremely well with a number of light snacks and desserts, including summer pudding, fresh fruit salads and gooseberry crumble.


Aspall: Peronelle’s Blush

This brew’s flavour is just as remarkable and unique as the woman it was named after. With a long, soft fruity finish balanced with moderately acidic overtones, this cyder is best served with duck and hoisin sauce as a main, or fruit-based puddings for dessert.


Aspall Cyder

Available in cans of about 440ml each, this cyder is just the sort of invigorating refreshment perfect for a day out at the beach with friends. Whether you’re grilling up a tasty BBQ in your back yard or watching football at home with your besties, this brew is bound to pair well with most popular summer dishes.


If you’re looking for reliable cyder and beer distributors in Malta, contact us at Birra Biss. We are exclusive providers of Aspall Cyder on the island, and we also cater to various supermarkets and bars. Aspall Cyder has garnered global acclaim for its world-class quality and traditional cyder-making process, with various brews having won gold and silver awards from a variety of international beer and cider competitions. Therefore, as distributors of cyder, beer and wine in Malta, it makes us doubly proud to distribute it to cider lovers all over the country!


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