And on the seventh day, the Lord rested… with a cold, refreshing brew! Whether you’re a recent convert or one of the devout, it’s important to know your Scripture well. Leave it to leading providers of craft beer in Malta, Birra Biss, to list the 10 Holy Commandments of Beer below.


1. Thou shalt not judge

There’s no place for snobbery among beer-lovers. The only way to ensure you’ll like something is to give it a go.


2. Thou shalt keep thy distance when your friend yells “Here, hold my beer!”

When was the last time this has ever led to anything remotely good? Exactly.


3. Thou shalt knowest thy limits

Otherwise, thou shalt be banished to the tenth circle of hell – the Land of the Hangover. Drink just enough to have a good time, not to redecorate the new leather seats of your best mate’s car with one of your patented technicolour yawns.


4. Honour thy pint

Beer is for drinking, not for flinging it everywhere just because you’ve just seen Thor for the eleventh time and want to act out your Norse God fantasies. Nor is it for spilling clumsily onto your friends or your longsuffering waitress, who’s just 2 seconds away from becoming extremely creative with the heavy, wooden serving tray.


5. Thou shalt be generous, and offer to buy a round

Ever heard the Southern USA expression, “He wouldn’t give 5 cents to see Jesus Christ ride up the wall with a bicycle?”
Don’t be that guy. Or gal.


6. Thou shalt try one new beer at least once a month

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this rings particularly true if you like to be adventurous when it comes to your chosen tipple of the evening.


7. Honour thy barstaff

If you notice that one of your friends has disobeyed Commandment #3 and is now making sloppy advances to one of the bartenders, hold them back (or rather, call them a taxi).


8. Thou shalt tilt your beer glass at a 45 degree angle when pouring

This will prevent a massive build-up of foam, otherwise known as “head”.


9. Thou shalt take your time with each beer

Drinking too quickly not only drastically increases the effects of alcohol, but it also stops you from appreciating the flavours of your beer properly.


10. Thou shalt not open a beer bottle with your teeth

Again. Unless you’re actually a Viking Warrior, just don’t. If you’re really desperate, a spoon, your house keys or even another beer bottle should do the trick.


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