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    • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout x4

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      Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is a beer like no other. It’s a beer of substance, the most full-flavoured of all. Singular and striking. Uniquely satisfying. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet. Refreshingly crisp and always rewarding.

      This treasure trove of deep flavours, envelops and invigorates the drinker. Our consumers push the boundaries to discover more of that perfect Guinness experience.

      Tasting notes: Fruit and caramel flavors begin, smoky notes and a vibrant bitterness follow. Where extra hops and a stronger alcohol percentage were once used to preserve the beer, allowing it to survive and thrive during long sea voyages, now they yield its bold taste and unique flavor profile.