Brasserie St-Feuillien was founded in 1873 by Stéphanie Friart.With its fifth generation now at the helm, the Friart family continues to brew a wide range of beers, including the St-Feuillien Abbey, Saison and Grisette beers, demonstrating a determination to stay rooted in the region’s history and keep this local tradition very much alive.

Paying close attention to product quality and continuously investing in its equipment and facilities, this family-run brewery demonstrates passion and brewing knowledge in ample measure by developing new beers such as its Grand Cru and the latest addition: gluten-free, organic Grisette Blonde.

The last ten years have been a period of major investment, including the installation of a new brewing room which is fully automated and extremely efficient.

This independent, family-run brewery is a member of Belgian Family Brewers.

Brasserie St-Feuillien is a member of the association of Belgian Family Brewers. This non-profit organisation currently has 22 members and seeks to promote the historic and independent family breweries which offer a clear added value to the authenticity and identity of beer brewing in Belgium. This is a noble goal, as brewing is a craft that has been practiced by Belgian families for many centuries and is often passed down from one generation to the next. For this reason, the authentic Belgian beers are recognised with a label that sets them apart from the other beers. With this label the Belgian Family Brewers are able to provide certainty to the consumers about the origin and production of the beers that are a member. The introduction of the label takes away all doubt about the Beglian heritage and craftsmanship involved in the production of the beer.

The BFB logo guarantees that the beer:

is brewed in Belgium
is brewed by an independent family brewery that has been brewing beer for 50 years or by a minimum of three generations uninterruptedly, in other words the beer is brewed by a traditional brewery
is unique and has not been copied under another name or another label
Finally, the association of Belgian Family Brewers wants to bring an end to the misuse abroad of the name ‘Belgian beer’. Many beers brewed outside Belgium are marketed with what is supposed to be a Belgian quality label. From now on, the official BFB label should ensure that this type of misuse, and the confusion it causes to consumers, will be a thing of the past. In this way the Association of Belgian Family Brewers wishes to make its own contribution toward the international reputation of traditionally brewed Belgian beers.