A wide selection of beers to your doorstep
Birra Biss

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Who’s behind Birra Biss?

Island Beverages Co. Ltd. has been in the beverage manufacture, bottling and distribution business since 1995 and we’ve got more than a little experience when it comes to quenching thirst.
Our trademark product, H2Only, is the only purified table water available in Malta and is synonymous with guaranteed quality. We take pride in this fact and make every effort to ensure that this quality guarantee extends to all the products we chose to distribute.

Above and Beyond

Having made the decision to import and distribute premium quality beer we went on to handpick the most eclectic range for our clients to indulge in and made them available not only for purchase, but also for door to door delivery because at BirraBiss, we truly believe that your beer should be easily available to you, without any added hassle.

Our experienced customer service and delivery team will ensure that your beer arrives in time for your barbecue, event or the start of that all important match.

Which beer do we stock?

At Birra Biss, we want to bring you the beer you’d love to try – because what’s life without a little adventure?

At the moment, we proudly import five different brands from three European countries, ranging from lagers to stouts, craft beers to ciders, with the aim of providing something for everyone’s taste buds. Do we intend stopping at that?

Of course not!

Keep your eyes glued to this page for further updates on new products we think you’re going to love.