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“The finest Munich art of brewing since 1634 –
Paulaner is Munich tradition”

February 24th, 1634 is a special date for the Paulaner brewery. On this date, the Munich commercial brewers filed a complaint with the mayor in order to ban the Paulaner monks of the Neudeck monastery in the Au district from selling their home-brewed beer. They were unsuccessful. This first official reference is to this day still considered the founding date of the Paulaner brewery and has been a vital part of Munich’s culture, tradition and history ever since.

The popularity of Paulaner beer has always extended beyond the city limits of Munich.  The special enjoyment of beer, our highly skilled brewmaster and the famous Bavarian way of life, are just a few factors contributing to Paulaner’s success –locally and internationally.


Yorkshire – Born & Bred…

Black Sheep was born from the pioneering spirit of Paul Theakston who, in 1992, followed his heart and dared to start a new brewery.

Set in Masham, North Yorkshire, Black Sheep produces much loved cask, keg and bottled beers and continues to go against the grain with a flow of new and experimental brews. Each beer is the culmination of brewing expertise spanning six family generations. Today, Paul’s sons Rob and Jo Theakston continue that spirit as Black Sheep stands tall amongst UK breweries, built on a solid reputation for creating beer of outstanding quality full of passion and integrity.