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A Range of Things to Do in Bavaria: Part 2

In our previous blog, we took a look at places history lovers should visit in Bavaria. Whether you’re craving greenery, interesting architecture or a cold Paulaner at the pub before a night out, here’s our pick of places to visit to satisfy all types!   1. English garden This huge, 18th century urban park combines […]

Ra, Ra, Rasputin… Crazy Facts About Imperial Russia

Lasting from 1721 until 1917, Imperial Russia was one of the most powerful empires that ever existed, with an intriguing and shocking history that has fascinated scholars all over the world. If you’ve ever enjoyed Black Sheep’s Imperial Russian Stout from our selection of craft beer in Malta, it might have made you thirsty for […]

7 Places Every History Lover Must Visit When in Bavaria

Being one of the most traditional parts of Germany that is also steeped in history, Bavaria is filled with romantic castles and grand imperial palaces waiting to be admired and explored. As ardent Bavarian beer fans and as a top  beer distributor in Malta, here are some top places we recommend all history lovers to […]

The 10 Commandments of Beer

And on the seventh day, the Lord rested… with a cold, refreshing brew! Whether you’re a recent convert or one of the devout, it’s important to know your Scripture well. Leave it to leading providers of craft beer in Malta, Birra Biss, to list the 10 Holy Commandments of Beer below.   1. Thou shalt […]

Gluten Morgen! Fancy Wheat Beer for Breakfast? Head to Bavaria!

Forget oatmeal, pancakes, and bacon and eggs, the Bavarians do things their own way. It is not uncommon to find Bavarians drinking a nice cold beer, as part of brotzeit, or second breakfast before noon even hits. That’s right, at around 11am, many Bavarian folk will sit down to a small meal of bread, cheese, […]

Men from Mars? Women from Venus? Birra Biss Investigates!

If you have never heard of the titular reference, then clearly you’ve been living in Pluto for most of your life! The arguments revolving around the psychological differences between men and women have endured since what feels like the dawn of time. Having been providing craft beer in Malta to satisfied customers of both sexes […]

Paint it Green: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Right Way – At Home!

You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Heck, you don’t even need to know what all the hype is about! The day is a great excuse for a fun party, as well as a celebration of spring. Here are a few tips and ideas to celebrate with your wannabe leprechaun buddies, […]

Brewin’ Like a Lady: Three Women Who Shaped the History of Aspall Cyder

On the 8th day of March, the whole world will come together to celebrate International Women’s Day – a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. As leading providers of beer and cider in Malta, we’re well aware that our products would not nearly be as successful without the women behind them – here […]

6 Of The Strangest Mythical Creatures Around the World

From bears and fish to the moose and even elephants, there are many animals that are associated with different brands of beer (Black Sheep Ale is an obvious example!) While some of these furry – or not-so-furry – mascots are ordinary, others are downright goofy and weird – and some may not even exist! And […]

4 of the Best Beer Cities Around the World for Beer Lovers

There are some great locations to enjoy what the beer culture has to offer worldwide. Here are but a few of them, brought to you by leading beer distributor in Malta, Birra Biss.   1. Tokyo Being one of the biggest cities in the world, there’s a lot to see, do, eat and indeed, drink […]

Turn Up The Heat With Mulled Beer!

Christmas may be over but the cold weather is still with us for now – so what better excuse do you need to start brewing some deliciously comforting Winter Warmers? No other trendy alternative to mulled wine is growing as fast in popularity as mulled beer, and as long time importers of beer in Malta, […]

Facts About Wheat Beer That Will Make You Sound Smart at Parties

Potty about Paulaner? As a leading beer distributor in Malta, so are we. Our Birra Biss team of beer enthusiasts have compiled a list of facts about wheat beer to impress your guests at the next social event on your calendar.     What qualifies as wheat beer? As the name suggests, wheat beer is […]

Beer Wanderlust: 3 Best Brewery Tours Around the World

Craft beer has been picking up more attention, and with an increase in demand, new breweries are popping up every day. However, there are a few brewery tours which take the cake! As a top beer distributor in Malta, our craft beer-loving team at Birra Biss takes a look at some of the best brewery […]

5 of Our Favourite Beer-Loving Celebrities

From clothing and restaurants to perfume and fitness regimes, celebrities are famous for endorsing a wide number of things – especially if they happen to be passionate about the product in question. And, just like the rest of us, there are quite a few famous faces who happen to love beer! As top importers of […]

Bottoms Up! How To Organise The Ultimate Beer Tasting

As a wise man once said, if the brewery will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will organise his own beer tasting at home! Or something to that effect… If you lack the time or money to visit an actual brewery, why not organise your own party? Not only is it fun, but if done […]

Can’t Wheat To Eat: 5 Brilliant Wheat Beer Pairings

Sweet, fruity and bubbly, German wheat beer (Hefeweizen) has become popular all over the world – and no other brewery has captured its unique taste and texture as well as Paulaner. And, as with many other drinks, it’s even better with food! There are certain recipes out there which help bring out wheat beer’s signature […]

6 Reasons to Plan a Beery NYE Home Party with Birra Biss

It’s that time of year again – the time the hype NYE starts building, leading up to a New Year’s Eve party that rarely lives up to its expectations. If you can’t face the thought of going to yet another overpriced NYE party, here are some reasons you should throw your own – brought to […]

4 Surprising Ways of Using Beer

Ever wished you could experience your favourite brew all day, every day, even after you’ve finished the last pint of the evening? You’re not alone. Certain beer lovers out there are nothing if not creative, so as a top alcohol distributor in Malta, our team at Birra Biss have taken it upon ourselves to compile […]

Make A Cracking Christmas Pudding with Ale

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding – that spoonful of dark, sticky, alcohol-soaked goodness which marks the grand finale of Christmas Day. As beer lovers and a leading beer distributor in Malta, we at Birra Biss love to incorporate beer and ale to give traditional recipes an interesting twist.   The Fruit Any Christmas […]

4 Excellent Winter Traditions That Celebrate Beer

There are certain things during the holiday season that are practically impossible to avoid, from sizzling hot mince pies and mulled wine to Mariah Carey belting out from radios everywhere. And, as of recent years, the popularity of beer has continued to rise around Christmas too (perhaps it’s all that time spent around family…) As […]

Cheers to Craft Beer! Differences Between Craft & Commercially-Made Beer

If beer isn’t one of the first three things that comes to mind when you think of a pub, have you even lived? The real question is: what makes one beer better than another? Although the answer can be very subjective, there are differences between craft beer and commercially-made beer that are quite significant. Having […]

The Exquisite Pairing of Beer & Dessert

Beer is an incredibly food-friendly drink; no matter what you’re eating, there’s probably a beer to go with it. And if you love beer and sweets as much as we do, there’s no better excuse than to indulge and pair them together, especially now that temperatures are dropping! As a leading beer distributor in Malta, […]

6 of The Strangest Beers Ever Brewed

As a leading beer distributor in Malta, the team at Birra Biss like to think that we’ve imported some of the most uniquely-flavoured brews to our little island; however, there are quite a few drinks out there that are far too weird – even for us! We’ve compiled a few of what we consider to […]

5 of The Best Monty Python Skits Ever

Masters of the surreal and kings of satire, Monty Python are to this very day held up as one of the most influential comedy troupes of all time. With Black Sheep’s “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” included as part of our imported stock of beer, the team at Birra Biss – leading alcohol distributor in Malta […]

Trick or Beer! 3 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Favourite Brew

Due to its association with the famous Oktoberfest event (which this year ended on the 7th), the month of October is already synonymous with drinks and drinking – and with Halloween bookending 24 days of leftover party spirit, it’s no wonder that this day has become one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. […]

Tickle your Taste Buds with Beer-Infused Dishes

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold beer after a long day, but incorporating the golden elixir into your cooking is a close second. Our team at Birra Biss – leading beer distributor in Malta – shares some ways of incorporating beer into your recipes that will have guests and pub-goers impressed!   1. […]

Bringing People Together: The Psychology of Beer

Homer Simpson loves it, Peter Griffin (“Family Guy”) loves it, as do the fellows at “How I Met Your Mother”. We’re referring to the golden elixir of life that is beer, of course. Our thirst-quenching team at Birra Biss – leading alcohol and beer distributor in Malta – shares some beer psychology for you to […]

Blood, Sweat and Beers: How to Host Your Own Beer Olympics

Weather getting a bit too chilly outside? Warm up with a group of your besties by hosting your very own Beer Olympics – one of the finest athletic traditions out there with a beer-y good twist. As an alcohol distributor in Malta, Birra Biss shares a few tips on how best to organise this most […]

Women and Beer: A Love Story

In this blog, Birra Biss – leading providers of beer in Malta – takes a look at the complex relationship between beer and women.   Society at large tends to associate beer as the drink of choice for men, an image that’s helped largely by fictional characters such as Homer Simpson and Barney Gumble. However, recent […]

7 Crazy Oktoberfest Facts

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s that time of year beer lovers around the world have been waiting for: Bavaria’s annual Oktoberfest! Which is why there’s no better time than now for our team at Birra Biss – leading alcohol distributors in Malta – to bring you some fun facts about the most famous […]

Starkbierfest: A Local Secret No More

There’s a plethora of festivals and events that celebrate beer worldwide, so no matter whether you’re looking for another reason to travel or try beer in different settings, you won’t be hard pressed to find one. As an experienced thirst quencher and alcohol distributor in Malta, we at Birra Biss appreciate how Munich is constantly […]

Best Oktoberfest Songs of All Time

You’ve got the beer, you’ve got the food, you’ve even got the lederhosen… so what’s missing? Music, of course! There’s no way you can get a proper party or Oktoberfest going without some catchy tunes in the background, spicing up the atmosphere and getting everyone into the spirit. We all know that the more people […]

Bavaria’s Comin’ Home! Tips on Planning Your Own Oktoberfest

Pretzels, beer, costumes and an electric atmosphere – what’s not to like about Bavaria’s renowned Oktoberfest? If you can’t make it to the world’s most famous beer festival this year, there’s no reason you can’t plan your own! Wunderbar! Our team at Birra Biss – leading beer distributor in Malta – have come up with […]

Why The World Loves Paulaner Weissbier

The ideal companion to a day at the beach or cheering on your favourite football team, Paulaner Weissbier is appreciated by beer connoisseurs the world over for its unique aroma and mix of different aromas and flavours. Incomparable in taste and the product of several efforts by brewmasters throughout different generations, Paulaner has remained a […]

Top 4 Beer-Loving Fictional Characters

Who doesn’t love a cold beer on a summer’s day next to the beach or at a pub with your friends? Everyone can find an excuse to drink a beer or two, and the fictional characters we see on our screens are no different. As the leading beer distributors in Malta, the team at Birra […]

Ale Yeah! Top 4 Beer Moments In Film

They say that art imitates life, and nothing proves that more than some of your favourite movie characters breaking open a bottle of their favourite brew in celebration, relaxation or just to heighten the mood of any scene. Our team at Birra Biss, a leading alcohol distributor in Malta, have compiled a list of the […]

Serving Suggestions with Ale from Black Sheep Brewery

Food and beer go together like sun and cheer! Nothing is more relaxing in summer than kicking back with your favourite brew and your favourite dish right beside you. Like all other types of beers, the flavours of different ale brews can be enhanced with the right food pairings. As distributors of Black Sheep ale […]

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: 5 Epic Scenes

Irreverent, witty and oh-so-quotable, Monty Python’s satire of King Arthur and his band of knights is a holy grail of comedy in itself; a film whose popularity has lasted for generations ever since its release in 1975. As one of the top alcohol distributors in Malta, Birra Biss have compiled some of the most iconic […]

Cyder Food Pairings for Vegetarians & Vegans

With the rise of vegetarianism, veganism, as well as dietary requirements and intolerances, many establishments have started to cater towards such patrons, offering them options they didn’t previously have. Yet what many meat-eaters don’t realise is that vegetarians and vegans don’t have to give up many dishes as most can be veganised by simple finding […]

Black Sheep: An Ale For Every Person And Every Occasion

At Birra Biss, we go above and beyond to provide a range of beverages to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. We take our role as an alcohol distributor in Malta seriously, with a variety of ales, beer and wine imported from three different European countries – because our clients and customers deserve the […]

Which Cyder Personality Are You?

Are you sweet and bubbly or sour and dry? Are you a country bumpkin with traditional rustic tastes or are you a more refined, sophisticated character? As leading alcohol distributors in Malta, we’ve come up with just the guide. Read on to find out which cyder you should be drinking!   1. The Italophile When […]

Sumptuous Serving Suggestions with Aspall Cyder

What’s even better than a refreshing, ice cold glass of cyder during a hot summer afternoon or evening? A delicious plate of food to pair it with, of course! Whether you’re out at a bar or at home playing host, it’s good to know just what to pair your favourite drink with. Our team at […]

Cyder Vs. Cider: Which “Cyde” are You On?

In their most basic form, cider and cyder are fermented apples, and over the years has evolved into a nuanced craft beverage with a host of differing flavour profiles, ranging from dry to sweet. Our passionate team of thirst-quenchers at Birra Biss – beer and premium alcohol distributors in Malta – shares some differences between […]

What Type of Football Supporter are You?

What better time to psychoanalyse yourself than in the midst of football’s most eagerly-awaited event, the FIFA World Cup? We at Birra Biss – the most reliable beer distributors Malta has to offer – bring you some of the most common football supporter archetypes – check out which category you fall under!   1. The […]