The ideal companion to a day at the beach or cheering on your favourite football team, Paulaner Weissbier is appreciated by beer connoisseurs the world over for its unique aroma and mix of different aromas and flavours. Incomparable in taste and the product of several efforts by brewmasters throughout different generations, Paulaner has remained a staple of every beer lover’s fridge for years! As a top alcohol distributor in Malta, Birra Biss share a few reasons why Paulaner has retained its popularity across the globe.


What is Weissbier?

Witbier, weisse, weissbier… it might be a beer of many names, but it tastes just as sweet! Wheat beer, as it is referred to in English, is one of the most distinctive and popular beer styles in Germany, and a traditional Bavarian brew. The beer is made from barley malts and pale wheat, which provide a yellowish-white tint from which the drink gets its name. German law states that in order to qualify as weissbier, a brew must consist of at least 50% malted wheat. In fact, most weissbier brews contain between 60%-70% malted wheat, with malted barley making up the remaining 40% or 30%.


What types of Paulaner beer in Malta do we distribute?


1. Paulaner Weißbier Naturtrüb

This particular brew is characterised by a large, thick head of foam crowning a beer of a silky, shining golden hue – just like sunshine in a glass! With a taste that neatly balances sweet and bitter notes, traces of pineapple and mango can also be detected, along with a mild aroma of banana. Paulaner Weißbier Naturtrüb is the top Hefe-Weißbier (hefe meaning “yeast”) in Germany and brings people together all over the world.


2. Paulaner Dunkel

Nutty and strong yet smooth and soft to the taste, Paulaner Dunkel is renowned for its intensive flavours that result from the infusion of the finest malt Munich has to offer. It’s a proven hit with many wine lovers, and pairs perfectly with a large variety of snacks and meals. Its appearance is darker than its Naturtrüb cousin, with a reddish chestnut colour that shimmers in the glass. Banana, caramel, tropical fruit and cocoa are among the stronger notes which linger on the palate, making the beer an ideal accompaniment to a cheese platter or strong game dishes.


3. Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic

A delicious and refreshing thirst quencher, perfect for a hot summer’s day! Despite having a low calorie content, it still retains a full, revitalising flavour that will leave you feeling satisfied and reinvigorated. Serve it alongside cold summer dishes and soups for an authentic Bavarian taste experience.

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