Pretzels, beer, costumes and an electric atmosphere – what’s not to like about Bavaria’s renowned Oktoberfest? If you can’t make it to the world’s most famous beer festival this year, there’s no reason you can’t plan your own! Wunderbar! Our team at Birra Biss – leading beer distributor in Malta – have come up with a few tips to help you:



Clothing is the quickest way to get into the right spirit for any theme party, and an Oktoberfest celebration is no exception. Lederhosen and dirndls are the most popular attire worn at Oktoberfest, however, if you’re not German and are looking for a cheaper and more last-minute option, go for a combination of khaki shorts/skirts, a checked shirt, and of course, suspenders. Stylish.


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Beer may be the star of the show, but what’s a cold beer without some nibbles to pair it with? From sausages and potato salad, to sauerkraut and salted pretzels, food is key to any successful Oktoberfest party. If you want the authentic festival experience, create different ‘food stands’ using individual tables, all decorated accordingly. For something more hassle free, serve everything on a buffet table.

Add a sweet element to your festival with German gingerbread; these sweet, lightly nutty, spicy treats are Oktoberfest favourites, and are easy to make! Top it all off with apple strudel and you’ve got yourself a winning table.



Music is one of the guaranteed ways to keep guests entertained and create the atmosphere you’re going for. A big part of the festival’s experience is singing and dancing along with the crowd to a live band or to traditional Oktoberfest songs, one of the most popular being “Fliegerlied”, along with “Ein Prosit” which, in keeping with tradition, should be played roughly every 30 minutes. Every time this song is played, encourage everyone to stand up, raise their glasses, and sing along.

We also recommend placing lyrics cards on every table, so your guests can sing along like they know what they’re on about! At the end of each sing-along, everyone should clink their glasses and take a drink.


beer in Malta



An Oktoberfest without beer is like – well, not Oktoberfest at all!


Looking for an eclectic range of beer in Malta?

The world’s most famous beer festival runs for 16 days from late September to the first week of October, so get organising! If you’re looking for reliable beer distributors in Malta, look no further than Birra Biss. Having been in the distribution business since 1995, we have handpicked an eclectic range of premium quality beer such as Paulaner – the number one Hefe-Weissbier in Germany – from three European countries, for you to include in your very own Oktoberfest!

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