In our previous blog, we took a look at places history lovers should visit in Bavaria. Whether you’re craving greenery, interesting architecture or a cold Paulaner at the pub before a night out, here’s our pick of places to visit to satisfy all types!


1. English garden

This huge, 18th century urban park combines three of our favourite things: nature, monuments and beer. Among other attractions, Europe’s largest city park is complete with a Japanese teahouse, a Chinese tower, and a cute little amphitheatre. Spend a day exploring the two parts of the gardens, watch experienced surfers show their skills in an artificial stream, attend one of the events held there, and in true Bavarian style, wind down with a pint and snack in one of the two beer gardens.


2. Victuals Market

Located in the centre of Munich is this 200-year old market, and with over 100 stalls selling all kinds of goods, the Victual’s Market also happens to be the city’s largest and most famous outdoor marketplace. So whether you’re just looking to do some window-shopping or taste some gourmet foods, this is the place to be.


3. Eibsee

As gorgeous as it is dramatic, this clear-water mountain lake is the picture-perfect place you’ve been looking for to clear your mind and beef up your Instagram account. Nestled at the base of Germany’s highest mountain peak, this spot should be at the top of any outdoorsy soul’s list, offering the perfect place to do some hiking and boating.


4. Olympiapark

Although it was originally built for the 1972 Olympics, the Olympiapark now serves as a hub for cultural, entertainment and sporting events. Visitors can enjoy views from a height of 190m once at the observational platform and check out the rock ‘n’ roll museum housing various memorabilia.


5. BMW Museum & BMW Welt

You need not be a car enthusiast to enjoy what the BMW Welt and bowl-shaped BMW museum have to offer – the buildings’ eye-catching architecture and wide-open interiors are a sight in themselves. Experience the history of this global brand through exposed engines and displays of cars and motorcycles along the spiral ramp or feast your eyes on interesting concept cars. And, in keeping up with the times, a big part of the museum is devoted to the ecological aspect of the car manufacture and the electric car.


6. Nightlife

Bavaria is an interesting mix of traditional and modern, and its nightlife is no different. From traditional pubs to beer halls and pumping clubs, there are plenty of nightlife options to choose from in Bavaria for the night owls among you!


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