Forget oatmeal, pancakes, and bacon and eggs, the Bavarians do things their own way. It is not uncommon to find Bavarians drinking a nice cold beer, as part of brotzeit, or second breakfast before noon even hits. That’s right, at around 11am, many Bavarian folk will sit down to a small meal of bread, cheese, a pretzel, white sausage and mustard, and of course, wheat beer. This typical Bavarian breakfast is what baguettes are to France. Having been a reputable distributor of alcohol and craft beer in Malta since 1995, we feel duty-bound to share more information about this tasty tradition with you.


Bavaria: where beer before noon is not a faux pas

Bavarians simply approach beer in a different manner than the rest of the world does, and often choose to take the edge off with a slight buzz before noon. So common is this custom that the Bavarians have a linguistic term that means an alcoholic drink before midday in company Fruhschoppen pronounced Froo-shop-pen).


Wheat beer for life

Some claim wheat beer helps the digestion process. This is because as a result of its specific fermentation process, a by-product – a metabolite – is incorporated into the beer. These essentially stimulate the metabolism and allow for the essential organisms in the process to interact more quickly.


When in Rome…

So if you find yourself in the Munich region, ask for a Weißwurst Frühstück – if you can pronounce it, that is – the locals will know what you’re on about.


Craft Beer in Malta: There for you for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinnertime

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