If you have never heard of the titular reference, then clearly you’ve been living in Pluto for most of your life! The arguments revolving around the psychological differences between men and women have endured since what feels like the dawn of time. Having been providing craft beer in Malta to satisfied customers of both sexes for years now, the team at Birra Biss invite you to lay on their couch while we dissect the male and female brain.


1. Me Tarzan, You Jane

In prehistoric times, men were responsible for going out to forage and hunt for food while women took care of the children and the home. As a result, women became far more adept at multi-tasking, while men’s sensory reflexes became keener and sharper the more they hunted. This could be why men are less empathetic than women; the latter became used to understanding babies (who couldn’t talk) through intuition, while their male counterparts had to suppress remorse as they killed living creatures for food.


2. Size Doesn’t Always Matter

Although an oft-cited piece of research claims that men’s brains are 10% bigger than women’s, this doesn’t mean that female brains function any less efficiently. The stereotype about men being better at sciences stems from misguided studies that date back to the 1970s, when university presidents used statistics similar to the one above to explain why there were fewer women than men working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In actual fact, women were discouraged from pursuing these fields, so it appeared that men outperformed women by a ratio of thirteen to one. Once more programs were set up to foster young female scientists, the ratio dropped from three to one.


3. Impulse Control

Because the amygdala in men’s brains is larger than in women’s, men in general tend to have significantly weaker impulse control. The amygdala contains testosterone receptors which increase reactions; as a result, the male brain cannot control impulsive aggressiveness as well as the female brain can.


4. Boys Will Be Boys – But Girls Might Have the Last Laugh

Researchers have recently concluded that female brains age more slowly than male brains, potentially explaining why women remain mentally sharper longer than men do. During puberty, the blood flow to men’s brains decreases, whereas it tends to fluctuate in women’s, putting the female brain at an advantage. However, women are at a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease, possibly due to plummeting oestrogen levels during menopause.


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