You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Heck, you don’t even need to know what all the hype is about! The day is a great excuse for a fun party, as well as a celebration of spring. Here are a few tips and ideas to celebrate with your wannabe leprechaun buddies, brought you by Birra Biss – trusted beer distributor in Malta.


1. Decorate away

There’s nothing subtle about St. Patrick’s celebrations. Green is and must be everywhere – be it in the form of green streamers or balloons. However, you can also choose to create contrast with white and orange – the other colours of the Irish flag. Incorporate traditional icons like the four-leafed clover, leprechauns, rainbows, harps, horseshoes… and of course…


2. Create a pot of gold as a centrepiece

Using chocolate coins – because there’s nothing like false hope. Fill a black pot with gold chocolate coins. This arrangement can be used as a centrepiece for the dining table, or simply scatter chocolate coins on various surfaces around the room.


3. Drink up

Stock up on Guinness – one of the most popular brands of brew among the Irish, and one of the most successful stouts worldwide – and create some green punch for a colourful and tasty alternative!


4. Food

Stick to the green theme by preparing green finger foods or asking every guest to bring something from the list. Think guacamole, herb-infused hummus, pesto pasta salad and spinach tortillas. For those with a sweet tooth, cups of green jelly, green cupcakes and clover-shaped cookies always go down a treat (pun intended). If you’re up for a bit more work in the kitchen and something heartier, serve up a few traditional Irish dishes, such as fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and Irish soda bread.


5. Entertainment

In keeping with Irish tradition, play the usual pub and drinking games and sing along to your favourite Irish tunes and bands; from Danny Boy and Enya to U2, the Cranberries and Sinead O’Connor – there’s something for all moods and genres.


6. Costumes

Whip out those leprechaun green top hats, green bow ties, shamrock necklaces, fake beards and wigs – dressing up makes any themed occasion more enjoyable!


7. Keep things casual

It doesn’t take any Irish luck to plan a successful St. Patrick’s Day party – it’s an informal occasion for most, so just invite a few fun friends over for some food, drinks and laugh – the true spirit of celebration (even if you don’t quite know what it is you’re celebrating)!


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