On the 8th day of March, the whole world will come together to celebrate International Women’s Day – a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. As leading providers of beer and cider in Malta, we’re well aware that our products would not nearly be as successful without the women behind them – here are three women who influenced Aspall to become what it is today.


1. Isabel Chevallier

Her warm heart was balanced by a level head, meaning that people often turned to her in times of great stress or worry in search of sensible solutions. Isabel Cobbold married JB Chevallier in 1897 and soon made Aspall Hall her home, helping her husband with the cyder business and the farm. She was renowned for her hospitality and her passion for gardening, which she passed down to her daughter, Perronelle. Tragically, her life was cut short in 1931 by car accident on a road nearby the Aspall estate – she was 62 years old.


2. Perronelle Chevallier

From surviving the Spanish flu epidemic twice to pole vaulting over the Aspall moat just to get to her tennis class, Perronelle’s life was nothing short of impressive. She was even one of the first women to attend University, and was known to be an extremely sharp businesswoman. In 1940, she took over the cyder business following the death of her father, and founded the Soil Association in 1946. She remained an avid globetrotter even throughout retirement, travelling to countries such as Nepal, Egypt and Russia.


3. Jenny Chevallier

As the wife of John Chevallier, the 7th generation owner of Aspall, Jenny played an integral role in the business throughout her life. Not only was she a reliable sounding board for her husband’s ideas, she was also a capable deal negotiator and business partner – all while raising two children. In her retirement, Jenny enjoys long walks with her dogs across the orchards to collect her post from the Aspall site.


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