From bears and fish to the moose and even elephants, there are many animals that are associated with different brands of beer (Black Sheep Ale is an obvious example!) While some of these furry – or not-so-furry – mascots are ordinary, others are downright goofy and weird – and some may not even exist! And if there’s anything that our imported stock of beer in Malta doesn’t do, it’s ordinary. Here’s a list of the quirkiest mythical animals from various cultures and nations around the world.


1. The Jikininki (Japan)

These corpse-eating spirits originally appeared in 20th century Japanese literature, described as spirits cursed after death to eat the bodies of the greedy and the selfish. In modern Japanese, they’re known as shokujinki (“human-eating ghosts”).


2. The Nuckelavee (Scotland, Orkney)

Breathing disease and decay wherever it goes, the Nuckelavee is a demonic, half horse, half human creature with a male torso. Conceived as a sea monster with its roots possibly stemming from Celtic mythology, this terrifying monster could have served as an explanation for natural ocean disasters beyond the understanding of primitive civilisations.


3. The Batsquatch (The USA)

You’ve presumably heard of the Sasquatch… now get ready for its winged, bat-like cousin: the Batsquatch. It’s described as having a purple coat and red eyes, emitting a low-pitched cry as it flies – or so said the hikers who claimed to have caught sight of it back in the 1980s, near Mount St. Helens in Washington State.


4. The Dybbuk (Israel)

According to Jewish mythology, dybbuks are the dislocated, malevolent souls of the deceased. They possess the living, only letting go once their goals have been accomplished.


5. The Grootslang (South Africa)

Also known as the Grote Slang, this creature is said to live in a deep cave in the desert landscape of the Richtersveld. It is a huge, serpentine elephant which devours other elephants that wander into its diamond-filled cave. Grootslangs covet diamonds; in fact, victims can bargain for their freedom by offering these precious gems.


6. The Chimera (Greece)

This legendary, fire-breathing monster has three heads – the frontal one being that of a lion. The second is a goat’s head that rises out of its back, whilst the third is a snake’s that appears at the end of its reptilian tail. Its body is made of parts belonging to all sorts of creatures, and is usually considered to be female.


Weird and Wonderful Creatures Represent Our Range of Beer in Malta…

Take Black Sheep’s Glug M’Glug, for instance, which is recognisable by the massive horned, white beast on its label – legend says it is the scourge of the hills, old as the rocks and devourer of sheep. Or perhaps you’d prefer the less frightening yet delightfully peculiar Moose Jaw – half man, half moose and 100% delicious!

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