There are some great locations to enjoy what the beer culture has to offer worldwide. Here are but a few of them, brought to you by leading beer distributor in Malta, Birra Biss.


1. Tokyo

Being one of the biggest cities in the world, there’s a lot to see, do, eat and indeed, drink in Tokyo. Drop into a local beer bar and unwind; after all, Tokyo’s beer scene is a fundamental part of the city and the craft beer boom in Japan shows no sign of running dry. Kanpai! Apart from being a drinker’s paradise, Japan is a treat for all the senses. From historic temples, shrines, parks, and imperial palaces, to massive shopping centres and ultra-modern skyscrapers, there’s something for everyone.


2. Dublin

Home to one of the world’s most famous beers, the Guinness, Dublin is also a beautiful city that mesmerises many tourists annually. Not only is the city famous for its beer, it is also deeply rooted in its incredible history and culture and is well known for its extremely friendly locals! When you’re not chugging down beer or visiting breweries, there are plenty of things to do in Dublin; gorgeous castles, green parks, the national history museum, stylish stores and cute little side streets.


3. Prague

Along with Dublin, the capital of the Czech Republic might also be called the capital of beer. After all, Czech citizens have the highest rate of drinking beer per capita, even beating the Germans. From flea markets to the Prague castle and Charles Bridge, the city is a truly charming city, full of places to explore and numerous pubs in which to rest your feet and quench your thirst.


4. Warsaw (Poland)

Gothic churches, neoclassical palaces, history museums, theatres and colourful houses spread across a broad area of diverse architecture in the beautiful capital of Warsaw. You can dine well on cuisines from around the world without breaking the bank, and there are numerous lively bars and pubs where you can enjoy some golden goodness. And for those of you who can’t get enough, a craft beer festival is held every spring and autumn.


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