Are you sweet and bubbly or sour and dry? Are you a country bumpkin with traditional rustic tastes or are you a more refined, sophisticated character? As leading alcohol distributors in Malta, we’ve come up with just the guide. Read on to find out which cyder you should be drinking!


1. The Italophile

When Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup 2018, you spent hours texting away furiously on your “Forza Azzurri” WhatsApp group. You can’t imagine a summer break without at least one weekend spent in Rome, ogling the food, architecture and fashion. Despite your tastes, you’ve got a down-to-earth personality and treasure the simple things in life, like time shared with friends and family.

Your perfect Cyder: Aspall Organic. It pairs perfectly with traditional Italian and Mediterranean flavours, and its earthy, rustic tones would suit your open and kind nature well.


2. The Academic

You’re ambitious, clever and have a strong drive to succeed at whatever you put your mind to. Renowned for your determined and resolute personality, you can always be relied on by your boss or superior at work to get things done in a professional and efficient manner.

Your perfect Cyder: Perronelle’s Blush. Like Perronelle Chevallier, one of the most famous female cyder-makers in history, you’re a high achiever and want to accomplish great things in life. You’re not one to shy away from challenges – on the contrary, you embrace them!


3. The Party Animal

No Netflix and chill for you! Summer’s definitely your favourite time of year, as it means longer days and warmer evenings – perfect for partying the night away. You’re a total beach bum, preferring to sunbathe on the rocks or play volleyball on the sand, rather than lounge by the pool. Your ideal summer evening? An outdoor barbecue that continues into the wee hours of the morning.

Your perfect Cyder: Aspall Cyder. Distributed in cans and thus the most portable of the lot, it would suit your on-the-go personality to a T.


4. The Peacemaker

Friends and family love you for your warm and generous nature. You can always be relied on to mediate when conflicts arise within a group, and you have a talent for helping different people to find common ground with each other. You greatly value those who are closest to you, and love spending time outdoors surrounded by countryside rather than a busy city.

Your perfect Cyder: Isabel’s Berry. Similar to Isabel Chevallier, your broadminded and sweet temperament suits a drink best paired with light summer desserts.

If you’re throwing a big summer bash and want to cater to every kind of character out there, contact Birra Biss, one of the most diverse vendors of cyder, wine and beer in Malta. We are exclusive distributors of Aspall Cyder, and are proud to support a brand that has won global acclaim and praise. For the best cyder, beer and wine Malta has to offer, look no further than Birra Biss!

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