Beer is an incredibly food-friendly drink; no matter what you’re eating, there’s probably a beer to go with it. And if you love beer and sweets as much as we do, there’s no better excuse than to indulge and pair them together, especially now that temperatures are dropping! As a leading beer distributor in Malta, our team shares a few suggestions on matching the right beer with the right dessert to create a potentially exquisite combination.


Carrot Cake

Ah, the natural sweetness of carrots, buried in a layer of sweet, tangy cream cheese frosting – we’re talking about the classic carrot cake, of course! Consider balancing out the cake’s sweetness with the hop bitterness of a bold and characterful beer, such as the classic Black Sheep IPA.


Dark Chocolate

From fondant to brownies, dark chocolate treats come in all shapes and sizes, and pair well with both dark and toasty beers as well as something fruitier. One way to go is matching it with a full-bodied and slightly toasty stout, as the bitter components in the beer harmonise with the chocolate’s bitter components, creating a more complex entirety.

Alternatively, for those of you who’d rather balance out the bitter taste, pick a fresh, fruit-forward beer, such as Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout – a blend of two iconic flavours packed into a luscious, flavour-packed stout. It has a velvety-like body, achieved through flaked oats, with a tinge of dried orange to lend it a citrusy note.


New York Cheesecake

Yielding a rich and creamy consistency, the New York cheesecake is an absolute classic. The vanilla from this dense cake pairs well with fruity beers, such as Aspall Suffolk Cyder.


Just like with wine, different beers can be paired with a variety of cheeses to create the ultimate taste sensation. If you’re serving a mixed cheeseboard, we suggest a dark ale with a powerful aroma – something with a complex flavour that improves with passing time. The full-flavoured Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, for instance, is both bitter and sweet. It has fruit and caramel notes to begin with, which are followed by smoky notes and bitterness. Just like your last relationship.


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Craft beer continues to rise in stardom, and we continue to import premium quality beer from several European countries, so you can pair sweet treats with everything from Guinness to Paulaner. In keeping with our reputation as a trustworthy beer distributor in Malta, we also offer door-to-door delivery! Check out our products here and contact us for more information about our services.

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