If beer isn’t one of the first three things that comes to mind when you think of a pub, have you even lived? The real question is: what makes one beer better than another? Although the answer can be very subjective, there are differences between craft beer and commercially-made beer that are quite significant. Having been a leading alcohol distributor in Malta since starting up in 1995, our team at Birra Biss discusses the main differences between the two: flavour and production.



The main distinguishing feature between craft beer and commercially-brewed beer is the difference in flavour. While commercially-produced beer can taste more ‘watery’ and flat, a craft beer is an amazing cornucopia of different flavours. Brewers of craft beer select only high-grade barley and the right hops to give their beer its characteristic flavour and consistency. This ensures a superior brew – because beer is meant to be savoured, not chugged. Argh!


Craft beers are produced in the old, artisanal way, which is why it tastes much better than commercial beer. Mass producers of beer, however, have the tendency to cut corners and opt for the cheaper ingredients in order to produce huge quantities of beer at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, when you taste a craft beer, you are having a sip of the hard labour that went into creating the carbonated fermented masterpiece.


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