Food and beer go together like sun and cheer! Nothing is more relaxing in summer than kicking back with your favourite brew and your favourite dish right beside you. Like all other types of beers, the flavours of different ale brews can be enhanced with the right food pairings. As distributors of Black Sheep ale in Malta, we’ve come up with a few tips and ideas – read on to find out more!


Black Sheep Ale

This award-winning beer packs a powerful punch upon first taste, infused with fruity notes which go on to leave a dry bittersweet taste on the tongue. Its aroma blends a faint scent of Seville oranges with the maltiness of roast coffee, the latter of which is reflected in the drink’s dark colouring. We recommend serving this ale with strong, quality cheeses such as Stilton or Wensleydale, together with some juicy red meats fresh off the BBQ.


Golden Sheep Ale

With a refreshingly clean finish and zesty flavours of grapefruit and lemon, Golden Sheep Ale is made with a touch of wheat and a mixture of old English and Challenger hops. The strong citrusy taste goes perfectly with seafood dishes – a perfect ale for the summer season.


Velo: Free Wheeling Pale Ale

The ingredients in this particular ale – coriander, cascade hops and orange – give this brew a fruity aroma with a hint of malt. It’s best served with a spicy Thai curry or a tasty seafood platter.



Not one for the weak! If you’re a lover of both beer and coffee, the Riggwelter ale is perfect for you. Dark fruit, rich espresso and roasted malt are blended together to create a unique, complex flavour that incorporates the taste of bananas and liquorice. Serve with rich desserts, ideally made of dark chocolate; alternatively, strong cheeses and red meats are also great food pairings.


Black Sheep IPA (India Pale Ale)

Bittersweet, fruity and potent: these three words neatly sum up the Black Sheep IPA brew. The different kinds of English hops used to create the beer give off a pleasant fragrance, enhanced by the fruit notes and the sweet malt base. The perfect drinking companion for fans of pork, specifically pork belly!


The above are just a few examples of the Black Sheep beer in Malta that Birra Biss exclusively distributes! Contact us for more information regarding the entire catalogue; as an alcohol distributor in Malta, we also cater to supermarkets and restaurants. For more of these updates, follow us on Facebook!