There’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold beer after a long day, but incorporating the golden elixir into your cooking is a close second. Our team at Birra Biss – leading beer distributor in Malta – shares some ways of incorporating beer into your recipes that will have guests and pub-goers impressed!


1. Battered Goodness

A pub favourite, battered anything goes down well with a nice cold beer. If you’re a fish & chips fan, then you’re no stranger to the concept of adding beer to batter and how crisp, light and airy it makes the food. Beer batters could be used to coat onion rings, calamari, tempura and fish, which are then fried until golden and served with tartar sauce or condiment of choice. We recommend using a full-bodied stout or brown ale for deep-fried bites.


2. Beer-Steamed Mussels

We find the Belgian method of steaming mussels with beer or a white ale to be of utmost flavour; a little hops and barley impart a lot of flavour when steamed with fresh mussels. The mussels pick up the subtle flavours of beer, garlic and spices by steaming and soaking in the beer broth. These easy-to-make and delicious shellfish are best served with lots of crusty bread to soak up all the buttery sauce and make for a great starter or even a main course.


3. Beer-Battered Curly Fries

Beer and fries go together like peanut butter and jelly. Absolutely addictive and totally crunchy, this pub food favourite can be flavoured with garlic, paprika and chili powder for an extra kick.


4. Beer-Battered Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Garnished with Thai chilies and green onions, this perfect vegan/vegetarian twist on buffalo wings will have you eating your veggies without even realising it. This meaty cauliflower concoction will only give you the crunch you’re looking for if fried – and let’s be honest, crunch is what really makes a good wing. Serve buffalo sauce on the side and get dipping!


5. French Onion Soup

Now that winter is supposedly around the corner, nothing screams comfort food better than a steaming bowl of soup. There are plenty French onion soup recipes that incorporate beer, so just pick your favourite or adapt to your taste! Packed with flavour, this soup will be a hit.


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