Due to its association with the famous Oktoberfest event (which this year ended on the 7th), the month of October is already synonymous with drinks and drinking – and with Halloween bookending 24 days of leftover party spirit, it’s no wonder that this day has become one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year. As a leading distributor of beer in Malta, the team at Birra Biss share a few ways how all you beer fans out there can celebrate Halloween.


1. Pairing Options with Halloween sweets (seriously)

OK, so maybe Snickers and ale isn’t quite as posh as a fancy platter of cheese with wine, but take it from us – they taste amazing when paired! The nutty taste of this chocolate is a perfect companion for the Chocolate Orange Stout ale from Black Sheep Breweries, with its signature blend of chocolate and orange, enhanced with subtle citrus notes. In fact, any chocolate with peanut butter is a great match for this rich, deep drink.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Square Ale should be saved for sour and fruity gummies for a truly intense combination. The fruity flavour of this drink, which contains hints of grapefruit and Demerera sugar, produces an amplified bitterness that is not for the faint of heart when eaten with these tasty treats – but it’s something that definitely needs to be experienced – at least once.


2. Make a Pumpkin Keg Tap

Get a large pumpkin, and cut a lid out on the top using a sharp knife. Scoop out all the insides and cut a hole in the front where you can attach the tap (or faucet). Fill the pumpkin up with your favourite beer, re-attach the lid and party on!


3. Get into the spirit of things – literally – with a beer costume!

Put away that Joker costume that you don every year (there are only so many times you can offer to put a smile on someone’s face before it gets stale) and showcase your love for beer by becoming the brew you’ve always wanted to be. Try and convince your partner (or your very understanding BFF) to dress up as a corkscrew for a match made in beer heaven!


Looking for some of the best beer in Malta to spice up your Halloween party?

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