What better time to psychoanalyse yourself than in the midst of football’s most eagerly-awaited event, the FIFA World Cup? We at Birra Biss – the most reliable beer distributors Malta has to offer – bring you some of the most common football supporter archetypes – check out which category you fall under!


1. The Troublestarter, Punkin’ Instigator

Far from being a rare breed in Malta, your sole daily aim as the Troublestarter, Punkin’ Instigator is to rub supporters of other teams the wrong way, be it online or at the pub. You can be brash, irrational, and can be found in your native habitat, where you thrive best: trolling social media forums and threads, begging for trouble. GIFs and sarcastic memes are your best friends.

You have no problem being the only supporter among a sea of rivals at a bar, nor do you have any problem cheering loudly to wind said enemies up whenever their team misses a chance. Glares and insults don’t faze you; in contrast, they fuel your fire.


2. The Pure Breed

Your club forms an integral part of your life. You were born and raised into loving your team with blind devotion. Whether the team wins or loses, you will be reduced to tears and your mood the next couple of days will depend on this. You have a special place at the local pub: right in front of the television.


3. The Fact-Checker

Football for you is more about the trivia and odds than the game itself. You know how tall each player is, how many offsides he was caught out on last World Cup and of course, the odds of each match.


4. The Unofficial Manager

You’re dumbfounded as to why your team’s actual manager put your favourite defender on the bench. Also, why is he still using a 4-2-4 formation, for crying out loud?! WHY IS THIS PLAYER NOT PASSING THE BALL? Fuming! Watching any match involving your team is a guaranteed rise in blood pressure, both for yourself and anyone within a 10-metre radius. You should be manager, end of.


5. The Couldn’t-Be-Bothered

You couldn’t care less about football if you tried, but how can you refuse peanuts, a refreshing Aspall Cyder and a wild, deafening crowd? You can’t.


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