Sweet, fruity and bubbly, German wheat beer (Hefeweizen) has become popular all over the world – and no other brewery has captured its unique taste and texture as well as Paulaner. And, as with many other drinks, it’s even better with food! There are certain recipes out there which help bring out wheat beer’s signature flavours of nutmeg, spicy clove and banana – as importers of Paulaner wheat beer in Malta, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite food pairings below.


1. Indian Food

Are you crazy about curry? Do you go potty over poppadoms? If so, you’re in luck – wheat beer is a perfect accompaniment to your favourite South Asian dish. We recommend recipes that go easy on the spice, as wheat beer is not meant to be drunk as a salve to soothe those burning tastebuds! Go for something that’s mild and yoghurt-based to really enhance the fruity flavours within the beer.


2. Banana Pudding

Complementing the wheat beer’s banana notes perfectly, this yummy dessert finishes off any lavish barbecue meal in style. Sink your teeth into layers of whipped cream, fresh bananas, vanilla wafers and custard, and wash everything down with lovely chilled bottle of Paulaner Hefeweizen.


3. Bavarian Brunch

If you want to go the whole hog (pun intended) and do things the traditional, German way, you can’t go wrong with a traditional Bavarian brotzeit. This is a typical mid-morning meal which usually consists of beer and weisswurst (a pale sausage made from pork back bacon and minced veal). The weisswurst is best served in baguettes and topped with eggs, whose richness is neutralised by the beer.


4. Lemon Risotto

The intense citrusy flavours of this dish go well with a wheat beer served with a single wedge of lemon. Garnish the risotto with julienned lemon zest for a sharp, zingy finish.


5. Lobster and Avocado Salad

Creamy and elegant, this recipe matches the smooth texture of the wheat beer, boosted with a splash of vinegar and citrus. Throw in segments of grapefruit, fresh beets, shallots and about three or four avocados along with the lobster – it’s a dish that rarely, if ever, disappoints.


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