It’s that time of year again – the time the hype NYE starts building, leading up to a New Year’s Eve party that rarely lives up to its expectations. If you can’t face the thought of going to yet another overpriced NYE party, here are some reasons you should throw your own – brought to you by leading beer distributor in Malta.


1. Your Budget, Your Way

You generally pay for an overcrowded venue, where you will lose all your friends in the crowd, long bathroom queues and lower quality drinks. So if you’re trying to watch the pennies this year, do it Limp Bizkit style – your way (or the highway).


2. Food You Like

If you’re looking for a hassle-free party, order outside catering – you can generally even customise your order to cater for specific dietary requirements (plus, everything is professionally presented). For something cheaper and more casual, opt for a potluck, where every guest brings a different food item – just make sure to compile a list of dishes you’d all like to avoid ending up with twelve different kinds of dips and sandwiches.


3. Accommodation

As your party is likely to extend into the early hours of the morning, take away the stress of worrying about getting home safely after a night out this year. If you intend on inviting a larger number of guests, it is probably worth renting a place with enough sleeping quarters to accommodate your guests.


4. Be around people you actually like

Well, presumably.


5. No need to wait around for ages at the bar

Who likes spending a quarter of the party waiting to be served at the bar, having to scream out their order over loud music only to be given cheaper quality alcohol that’s likely to cause you to suffer from stomach PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for the next few days? A great part about throwing a private party is having your own fully-stocked bar you and your friends can help yourselves to whenever you like.

As a leading beer distributor in Malta, we at Birra Biss stock a range of eclectic and premium quality beers, ales, stouts and ciders. Choose from our wide range of Black Sheep, Guinness, Paulaner, Aspall Cider and more!


6. Have your own music selection

Set the mood and create a playlist with your guests’ favourites – as heavy, mellow, or downright cheesy as you like. Why settle for mass-pleasers when you can just please yourselves without compromise?


Forget bar hopping this year and do it your way with our vast selection of beers

If you’re looking for a beer distributor in Malta to provide you with reliable service, look no further than Birra Biss. We deliver our wide range of products straight to your door to give you one less thing to sort out on the big day. So get the disco balls out and get ready to party (or chill) the night away! Here’s to a fun New Year’s Eve and a bright New Year!

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