Weather getting a bit too chilly outside? Warm up with a group of your besties by hosting your very own Beer Olympics – one of the finest athletic traditions out there with a beer-y good twist. As an alcohol distributor in Malta, Birra Biss shares a few tips on how best to organise this most sacred of competitions.


1. Create the teams

Each team should be made up of 4-6 people, and should represent a different country (or have them wear different colours).


2. Choose a referee

Things always get a little heated when people compete against each other, so it’s good to appoint someone who’ll keep everyone in line. The referee gets to drink for free all day, and needs to look out for fouls and award penalties in case of spilling beer, cheating, damaging a ping pong ball, changing the music and disobeying house rules.


3. The opening ceremony

An awesome opening song (think The Final Countdown), an assembly of all the team captains and an announcement of the order of the events is a sure way to kickstart an unforgettable Olympics.


4. The main events

Ideally, you should choose 5 games to match the same amount of rings that there are on the Olympics symbol. These events could include:

Beer Pong
Civil War: A fight-to-the-death version of Beer Pong, where the cups are set up differently and the players don’t have to wait their turn to shoot, resulting in a non-stop gameplay. Players fire the ball as soon as they get it. Whichever team clears all of the cups first, wins.
Easter Beer Hunt: All teams hide a number of beers to match the amount of players in the other teams. The team who manages to find all their beers first wins.
Ski Pole Race: Whoever manages to assemble the longest ski pole made of empty beer cans (within a given time frame) wins!
Keg Toss: A member of each team is selected to throw an empty keg shell as far as they can. A fault line is determined and monitored by the referee. The top four teams can qualify for positions – whoever scores the shortest distance, loses!
Crack Shot: You’ll need a water pistol to play this. Standing twelve feet apart, teams of two try and shoot ping pong balls mounted on empty beer bottles.

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The team at Birra Biss would like to remind all their patrons to drink responsibly.