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      Sitting at 3.8% abv, their new Islander beer is made using Lowlander’s unique botanical brewing method; a hybrid infusion of botanicals and beer, as well as herbs, spices and fruits – inspired by the trade and travel of the “Lowlanders” (the Dutch) and the use of botanicals in gin and Dutch Genever. Brewed with refreshing oranges from the Island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, and exotic dragonfruit, Lowlander Islander Tropical Ale is the perfect escape from reality. Sit back, close your eyes and let Lowlander Islander transport you to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean – even if only for a moment!

      Chief Botanical Officer and Lowlander Founder, Frederik Kampman says, “Inspired by our travels to continental beaches in Europe and slightly more tropical days in the Dutch Caribbean, we wanted to brew a beer inspired by the Island of Curaçao which would enable explorers to take life a little bit less seriously.”

      Full of colours, flora and fauna, the Island of Curaçao is known for the famous Curaçao Orange. The fruit evolved from a bright orange colour and sweet taste into the green and inedible bitter Curaçao Orange. The peel however is extremely aromatic and adds a refreshing kick to Islander Tropical Ale.  The dragonfruit is one of several cactus species and, just like its relatives, has a succulent stem that provides a uniquely delicious fruit. Lowlander Islander with its fruity notes and refreshing flavour, pairs brilliantly with nachos, ceviche or BBQ ribs. The taste of Caribbean food also stands up to the strong characteristics of Islander.

      Lowlander Botanical Beers Dragonfruit

      Curacao Orange  Dragonfruit

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