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Which Cyder Personality Are You?

Are you sweet and bubbly or sour and dry? Are you a country bumpkin with traditional rustic tastes or are you a more refined, sophisticated character? As leading alcohol distributors in Malta, we’ve come up with just the guide. Read on to find out which cyder you should be drinking!   1. The Italophile When […]

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Cyder Vs. Cider: Which “Cyde” are You On?

In their most basic form, cider and cyder are fermented apples, and over the years has evolved into a nuanced craft beverage with a host of differing flavour profiles, ranging from dry to sweet. Our passionate team of thirst-quenchers at Birra Biss – beer and premium alcohol distributors in Malta – shares some differences between […]

What Type of Football Supporter are You?

What better time to psychoanalyse yourself than in the midst of football’s most eagerly-awaited event, the FIFA World Cup? We at Birra Biss – the most reliable beer distributors Malta has to offer – bring you some of the most common football supporter archetypes – check out which category you fall under!   1. The […]